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Transformations DVD by George Otis Jr. - Sentinel Group

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The DVD Transformations was released on February 1, 1999 and it runs for almost 1 hour (58 minutes for those who are precise). Reports go that Transformations DVD has been seen in more than 100 countries and by 30-60 million people (Some even report 100 million). I guess it is a hard thing to know for sure, however, we can say that Transformations DVD (To watch trailer.) is a bestseller.

I remember when I saw Transformations for the first time I was so inspired that I had to see the sequel Transformations 2 . At the moment of writing Sentinel Group has produced 9 DVDs with the same theme, their 10th DVD will be released soon. Looking forward to see it.

The documentary Transformations takes a look at 4 different cities located in 3 different continents: The first city is Cali, Columbia (South America), secondly we are taken to Kiambu, Kenya (Africa),  thirdly, a visit is made to Hemet, California (USA) and lastly, Almolonga in Guatemala (South America) is visited.

Although facts have changed after DVD having been released more than a decade ago, the message still stays the same. Through the DVD Transformations George Otis Jr. encourages and strongly believes that when Christian churches would start praying in unity that God's presence would show up and transform an area or community. In other words Transformations is challenging Christians to seek the Lord if they want to see revival break out. It is only through prayer (Other DVDs about Prayer) that we will see churches grow and communities change their social and moral characteristics.
Here are some teachings done by George Otis Jr.: "Why Revival Tarries in America", "The Presence Based Stream" and on Vimeo you can watch "Transformational Prayer")

I love the way Ken James says in his review: "The Sentinel Group is doing a great job in helping along a movement of prayer and intercession that is beginning to transform entire cultures. They believe that “true spiritual revival is like a seething lava flow. It takes time to reach its destination. But when it does, its intense heat and formidable power alters everything in its path. It is the full measure of God’s kingdom to Earth.”" (

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