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Furious Love DVD by Darren Wilson

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FURIOUS LOVE by Darren Wilson - DVD

In his follow up to the breakout hit, Finger of God, Darren Wilson travels the world to some of the darkest spiritual climates on the planet. His one goal: to put God's love to the test. This powerful, haunting film will open your eyes to the God who furiously fights for us with the greatest weapon in the world...Love.

VIDEO SPECS of Furious Love 
Company: Wanderlust Productions
Director: Darren Wilson
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 95 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Greg Boyd, Stacey Campbell, Robby Dawkins, Annie Dieselberg, Angela Greenig, Will Hart, Daniel Hoogteijling, Jeff Jansen, Chris Lenty, Philip Mantofa, J.P. Moreland, George Otis Jr., Jan Sjoerd Pasterkamp, Frits Rouvoet, Mattheus van der Steen, Kris Vallotton, Jason Westerfield, Phil Wyman

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