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This fast-paced, image-driven "provocumentary" powerfully depicts the two fires blazing across the earth in fulfillment of end-time prophecy. The fires of destruction rage, but the fires of transforming revival are burning ever brighter. This is where real hope begins. Which fire will touch us first?

Global crises are escalating with the clash of world leaders, overwhelming moral decadence, massive poverty, social injustice and spiritual bankruptcy. Leaders and institutions have stepped in as would-be saviors counting on military, diplomatic, economic and even religious endeavors, and yet all have failed. Humanism has given way to global hedonism, but increasingly, this hedonism is yielding to chronic apathy and hopelessness.

There is, however, a second conflagration spreading in our world. This one burns brighter than the first, but leaves no ashes in its wake. It is the fire of transforming revival! In literally hundreds of communities from the South Pacific to Canada's aboriginal homelands, desperate hearts are turning heavenward. God is being invited to solve that which man cannot. This is where hope begins . . .

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